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Reviews from Guests (10)

  • FP

    I loved the experience! It's incredible to have, at the same time, such amazing performances and intimate access to the performer. It’s something that I’ve never seen before and that I find really inspiring.

    Francois PFebruary 2021

  • Sylvie G

    Mizuki has greeted us into her world and for one hour, she made me feel welcomed. Mizuki explained, demonstrated, performed and answered questions with all of her enthousiasm and energy. A priviledge moment of intimacy within a special artistic world. Bravo Mizuki. Bravo to your partner in the duo! Bravo to Attractr for this unique offer!

    Sylvie GFebruary 2021

  • Yuko N

    Knowing how she trains every day for the day she entertains in front of audiences makes me appreciates more of the circus artists. It was a very authentic experience and amazing performances! Highly recommended:)

    Yuko NFebruary 2021

  • Yuko N

    Mizuki has great energy, inspirations, and guts to become who she is today:) Amazing person!

    Yuko NJanuary 2021

  • LM

    I loved how Mizuki was addressing directly the audience and sharing "secrets". It's great to connect directly and see first hand all the work that goes into such artistry !

    Louis MJanuary 2021

  • Michel C

    Great experience and Mizuki really shines. She creates a real link between her and her public, even through the camera. Thumb's up !

    Michel CJanuary 2021

  • ST

    A truly enjoyable experience! Mizuki is a very talented artist that I got to know through Attractr. From the comfort of my own living room, I was able to interact with Mizuki who is across the world, watch her perform and talk about her life and career. What a great way to end the weekend! Thank you Mizuki!

    Sylvie TJanuary 2021

  • DT

    I loved the experience and learned a lot about Mizuki's art. Her charisma, her smile and her art made me think about how artists are important to our world that would be meaningless and boring without artists. So i thank you to bring your beautiful artistic colour into this world... into my world... thanks to this wonderful platform... Daniel

    Daniel TJanuary 2021

  • Yuko N

    Seeing how Mizuki trains in her studio in Japan, and how she becomes a circus artist, and her duo performance at the last (spoiler) it was a great time and experience!!

    Yuko NJanuary 2021

  • Yuko N

    Amazing experience! Mizuki's unique performance and her personality made my day. Her studio looks really nice, too. Highly recommended! We enjoyed so much! Thank you!!

    Yuko NNovember 2020

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